Astrology-Unique  remedies by vedic yantras-by World Renowned Vastu Healer-Dr.Shamsundar

The vedic astrology is applied ,in corrections  of , the birth chart by use of energised ,vedic yantras with specific mantras engraved on the yantras and consecration done , particularly, based on each of the planets most po

The corrections are done, using , what is required as per the 1) Benefics, and malefics  position  2) the effect of Dasha , and gochara , of planets ,  on the birth chart , reflecting your progress, or regress  on day today ,week to week month to month and year to year 3) the effect of the lagna (asendent) lord. 4) effect of raashi lord ( star sign) 5) effect on nakshatra lord   6) the benefits showered , by uccha grahas and ,the limitations ,created by the papa grahas  7 ) effect of any yogas  8) the effect of aspecting ( drishtis) of planets on others 9) the role of friendly planets in relation to enemy planets

The corrections are done , by drawing,  a chart, and , installation of the yantras specific to the individual , requirements in their specific most graceful muhurthas or times

planatary , yantras are installed in their respective uccha sthanas ( exhalted,  positions), or the most favourable positions ,without ,harming, the other planets by way of its aspects (drushtis) or bhavas

The specific mantras are ,to be chanted based on the corrections made with ,certain attitudes  or visiting ,temples on certain days as per the planats with specific times  this is because the planets will be most active and will,be  blessing us with their grace to help us overcome ,our drawbacks ,or shortcomings  sometimes , certain meditations would also help us in a greatway

These corrections are ,done with our ,experience and and the divine grace and faith in the highest ,who is the giver of  grace ,as we are filled ,with full of gratitude to the divine ,who is part of each one us

Sarve janaha Sudhinl bhavantu  let all be peaceful, and happy ,and prosperous


Mission & Vision of Vedic Vastu- Transforming To Prosperity

There are ways and means of being prosperous. There is no specific definition on how people view the essence of prosperity. For some prosperity is defined by the wealth of their lives, while for the others it is at a more spiritual level of attainment of peace and happiness. In other words, it is more to do with the fundamentals of self-actualization.

We at Vedic Vastu have been in this business for ages with Dr. Shamsundar-World renowned Vastu healer, at the helm of affairs. We believe that Vastu is not for commercial purposes but sublime aesthetics involved in its execution. We strongly believe that Vastu should ideally transform people’s lives and give them a direction to attain both financial and spiritual happiness. We have been working with several clients across the globe( with over 60 countries) and phenomenal success stories.We specialize in Vastu without demolitions, as we strictly believe not to destruct the current ecosystem. We use the power of the Yantras to imbibe positive energies into the existing ecosystem. Also, we redefine the set up and extend consultations on ideal yantra placements. Directions and its knowledge are extremely important to gain focus to one’s life.

We move forward and work around for re-alignment of existing set up. Our technical experts understand the requirements of the clients very well hence the solutions are customized. Each client is taken care of personally and individually. Investing efforts to make Vaastu knowledge attain a position and prominence around the world at par with the rest of the Indian heritage and Vedic knowledge.

In other words Vastu for us a sublime feeling of heritage and we intend spreading the power of ancient Vedas throughout the span of the world.


Power of the Sri Chakra

One of the most auspicious, important & powerful yantra.Gives the maximum benefit to everybody. Source of attaining all worldly desires. Source of supreme energy. It can be defined as the mother of all the yantras. It plays an extremely significant role in defining energy sources. The divinity attached to the Sri Chakra is undefinable. it has the power to remove all negative energies and replenish with positive ones. It is a mystical geometric representation of the Transcendental Supreme, Non-dual pure concious-ness with its abstract intelligence. Though this may sound quote philosophical, however, the power of the sri chakra lies in its purity and divinity.

It has the power of rejuvenation of an otherwise dormant environment. Residential apartments and commercial complexes use this tool to define positive energies, beyond human imagination. There have been very many instances of fates turning to the favour of the needy, with the power of the Sri Chakra. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires and fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic powers.One experiences a heightened state of positive vibrations and good luck.11107729_429664997206308_7663803460763967160_n

Shri yantra is definitely the answer to all the problems and negitivity in our life.It helps in breaking all the Obstacles in our life. It helps us eradicate all the limits easily – both spiritually and materialistically.Shri yantra a sacred Geometry – help in clearing all the negative energies – the fog that surronds our life – standing in the way of peace, prosperity and Harmony and make everthing work for us in orderly manner.

Vastu-Did you Know this

download Ancient vastu shatra with all their relegious beliefs and sentiments have been the most formidable force over centuries. Some of the popular beliefs on the impact of directions need to be taken cognisance of. We believe vastu is for life & happiness and not for random beliefs, alone. Below is a beautiful depiction of some downslides and the possible negative energies surrounding it. One needs to ensure that this is taken care of

Downslide Suffering from
South-east Fear of fire
South Fear from ill-health, insanity and death
South-west Ailments resulting in chronic disorders
West Loss of peace, wealth and prosperity
North-west Foreign residence, family quarrels and ailments.

We Make You Believe in Vastu

We wish to thank our esteemed list of clients for having supported us. More than support, it has been the trust they have installed with us, thus far. Ranging from national clients to international ones, we definitely intend to make Vastu as an integral part of your lives.

Vastu is for better living and happiness boundless for you and your families. We expertise in Vastu without Demolitions. We strictly believe in not invading into the architectural dynamics of your dream home. We only dwell and do relevant corrections.

Get to know about us and our clients from our website

Our motto is your happiness in health and wealth.1377306_358110787695063_7908563316623867724_n

Vedic Vastu Goes International- Invitation to Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce

It was indeed a mesmerizing experience to have been invited by the Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce. World Renowned Vastu & Vedic healer Dr.Shamsundar gave a talk on Vastu for Small and Medium size enterprises. Also, added in the feather of our cap was the fact that we were invited by the Prime Minister of Canada for a dinner meet.

Humbled by such gracious hospitality. Take a sneak peak into the photos of such an event, captured .

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Vedic Vastu Team

Dr. Shamsunder, Chairman.

Dr. Shamsunder (popularly known as Doctor by many of his friends & clients) is a pioneer in the area of Vaastu correction without demolition. He was born in a family of Priests in Kollur Karnataka in 1954.

He has written books in association with French & German architects in German language. He has done research in the subject of Vaastu very deeply and his profound knowledge in Vedas is also remarkable.

Doctor took to Vaastu correction with keen interest of eliminating pain and agony of the fellow colleagues, friends and relatives who sought his help in solving their issues. Doctor was inspired by the astonishing results after Vaastu corrections were implemented. The success motivated him to continue his efforts. He has 36 years of experience in this field.

He dedicated a lot of his time to carry out various studies and experimentation in Vaastu and Vedic Sciences. He studied many texts like Brahat Samhita Written by Varahamihira in 6th century AD.

Doctor also worked under various Gurus to gain a profound knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads. He also conducted research at Aurobindo School of Oriental Sciences in Vaastu energies with various scientists. He believes that “MAN IS ESSENTIALLY AN EXPRESSION OF NATURE”.

Dr. Sham is subject matter expert in providing Vaastu Corrections without demolition and help clients achieve harmony with universal forces in nature. He master the art of arriving at the Perfect Ratio of 1:1.618, also referred as the Golden Ratio and Gajakesari Yoga in Sanskrit.

Ms. Sanddhya, Director-Finance. 

Ms. Sanddhya is an Interior Designer of repute and is also the Chief Consultant at StudioLine2.

Studioline2 is an Architectural & Interior Design Firm with a strong commitment to be part of sustainable projects converting people’s visuals into reality.

Studioline2 is a global provider of design and project delivery services with primary offices in Bangalore, India with world-class services to clients who expect global standards. With a strong focus on ‘service’, the company has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years exploring all emerging sectors. So far handled various interior and architectural projects in Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chennai and Los Angeles, USA.

Studioline2 have over 15 years of experience in handling major projects in formats like ‘Design Consultancy’, ‘Project Management Consultancy’ and ‘Design & Build’, across the globe.

Have designed spectrum of homes, offices, restaurants, showrooms and resorts. Core competence is reading our clients requirements at its depth and delivers the best.

At Studioline2 interior designing is not just an activity it is a passion and we cherish each project.

Ms. Madurika, Director – Innovation.

She is a specialist Architect from Milan with distinction from the university. She is known for world famous architecture and designing. She has global experience of architecture in most of the countries. She blends vastu in all her works. She has 4 years of experience in vastu and designing various projects globally.

She is actively involved herself in vastu correction using energetically balanced yantras for various  vastu challenges in a way it appeals to  her customers and prove to be very valuable  for them. She is very popular in her skills and imbibed lot of insight in her vastu from Dr. shamsunder and travels with him all over the world for vastu correction in various projects

She uses technical and artistic ability using Revit BIM software, Adobe and Autodesk software with phenomenal Success. She is very effective, Quality oriented, very humble, soft and very kind. She loves nature, people and place.
She feels that ‘Making a difference in somebody’s life’ through vastu tuned architecture is her Aim, Mission and goal in her life.

Mr.Suresh S Babu, PMP.

Suresh S Babu, did his graduation in Civil Engineering and is an expert in infrastructure domain, both IT and non IT. He has more than 2 decades of rich experience, served best of best organisations of repute of the world in various capacities. He brings in expertise in Global Customer Management.

Suresh is a Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute, USA and enjoys helping people enhance their businesses and life with his project management expertise and is a passionate people manager. He delivers trainings with passion on Project Management & Professional Development.

Suresh loves travelling and had extensively travelled within India and visited Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Shanghai and almost all cities of USA.